Andy Sonar

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Andy Sonar: A self-described “Musician, Producer, Writer, and DJ. Raconteur. Lover. Fighter. Manic Depressive. Addict. And Tragic hero. Hardworking & feckless chancer with delusions of grandeur…”

He’s a family man and an ‪#‎EDM‬ / ‪#‎Electronic‬ ‪#‎Rock‬ extraordinaire. He comes from either Bristol, United Kingdom or space. We not sure yet, but we like him either way.

Listen to his music on Bandcamp: & on SoundCloud:

Visit the Official Page:

69Sonar on

@69Sonar on ‪#‎Twitter‬ & ‪#‎Instagram‬

Find him on iTunes and Spotify


One thought on “Andy Sonar”

  1. Thanks!
    My new album
    – SPACE; Our Journey To The Stars…And Those We Left Behind –
    is out on on the 12th February, and itunes etc on the 15th.
    We are putting an intimate launch party on in Bristol on the 12th to celebrate. I will be space-rockin’ it LIVE with video accompaniment…

    Peace my brothers and sisters. x

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