Mondable® On Spotify:Musicorum Eleutheria № 1

15 tracks featuring independent musicians

Mondable® On Spotify: Musicorum Eleutheria № 1


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GOAT by Mondable®


GOAT was created by struggling artists and for struggling artists. It was created to give people a chance; a chance to actually be successful, to be recognized and rewarded for the years of hard work they put into their craft. GOAT is for the strivers, the dyed-in-the-wool believers. The dream chasers who refuse to “get the picture”. The road to success is long and full of doubt. But finally, there is hope for us.

GOAT is not just a mobile app that hosts tournaments. GOAT is an invention that will change the face of the earth. No longer will talentless people be placed upon the throne of greatness simply because they had a cousin who once dated a man that delivered mail to Madonna’s uncle. No longer will people of talent be denied the chance to prove their abilities to the world. GOAT is a machine. It has no cousin. It doesn’t care who you know or don’t know.

GOAT is only concerned with one thing, and one thing only…

Finding the Greatest Of All-Time.

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