Music Mediks: A Lost EP



Music Mediks” by Hail Medik of Black Cross

Music Mediks” is not just another independently-produced masterpiece brought to you by a member of Black Cross. Nor is it simply just Hail Medik’s debut solo EP.

“Music Mediks” is a showcase of, and a memorial to, the late Kooley C.

It’s a celebration of the amazing audio engineer who was literally and figuratively instrumental in the creation of the “Black Cross EP“, the “Rule of Two” and Gnarly’s (aka, Wes VanStyle) “The Dream State“. Kooley orchestrated the unique sound that enabled Black Cross to harness their own.

Kooley C changed lives.  His ability to anticipate needs and build upon raw artistic talent in every track he helped to record was what made him extraordinary.

 "Music Mediks" by Hail Medik as recorded by Kooley C

Kooley was inseperable from the music he recorded. Beyond giving input and helping artists achieve their potential, his gift was his ability to give form, singularity, and soul to any piece of audio he laid his ears upon.

Equally as remarkable was his unique abilty to recognize when to let the gritty essence of a track speak for itself. His natural instinct and professionalism made him family to all who had the pleasure of working with him.

Hail Medik was initially uncomforatable about releasing “Music Mediks”, being that it’s technically an unmixed, unmastered project. But Medik’s obsessive, perfectionist nature, something he has wrestled with for his entire life (as referenced in the opening track “Critical“), conflicted with his desire to remain true to Kooley’s original sound.  After no shortage of agonizing, it became clear to him that the original, unaltered sound that Kooley lent to this EP deserved to be heard.

Although Kooley is no longer with us, his influence will live on through those who he has encountered merely by his presence, and his voice will forever be heard through the amazing artists he helped to shape.

Proudly including, Hail Medik.

Music Mediks” is not just an EP.  It’s an audio picture-book. It’s a collection of tracks forged by those who are dedicated to the longevity and validity of Hip-Hop music. It is in many regards, a masterpiece; written and recorded by those who won’t settle for the degradation of what could soon be a lost art. The art of Hip-Hop.

“Music Mediks” is a lost EP that refuses to be lost in the fold and, more importantly, it refuses to lose one of the greatest talents you have never known.

This is for you, Kooley.


March 31, 1970 – April 26, 2016


Kooley C aka Calvin Pucket, Sr.

Screenshot (19)

Hail Medik aka Randall Bryce

Music Mediks


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