GOAT is an iOS mobile app (Android version coming in Fall 2017) where music artists can compete fairly against each other to decide who will be Greatest Of All-Time. We believe that popular voting is the true decider of popular music. To maximize fairness,  we designed GOAT to ensure a song’s success is determined entirely by the music, and not by outside factors such as familiarity, social influence or attractiveness.

We believe the top talent should rise to the top, as chosen by the people.

Getting Started

When GOAT launches in Summer 2017, you can download GOAT from the App Store to battle other artists (Android version coming in Fall 2017). Go to the Main Menu and select Upload New. You can import your music from Soundcloud or Dropbox.

Select a genre for each upload to make sure your music competes against similar genres.


A battle is a single match-up between any two songs. After uploading your music and buying tokens, tap the Battle screen and select either Challenge or Tournament:

  • Challenge – A series of battles against a single opponent, either someone you choose or a random opponent (minimum of 5 battles)

  • Tournament – A series of battles against multiple opponents. Join an existing tournament or create your own (minimum of 20 battles)

Each battle is decided by a voter who listens to both songs to determine the winner. The match up is blinded, meaning the voter does know the name of the artist or see any visual clues, such as album art. Song credentials are revealed after the vote is cast.

GOAT Score

After each battle, our algorithm calculates a signature rating for each song, called the GOAT Score™. It is a measurement of voter popularity and how much your song is preferred over others. You also have an overall GOAT Score™ that is a weighted average of your individual song scores.

The GOAT Score™ is the most important feature of GOAT. It determines your exposure and success. The higher your score, the higher you will be ranked on the Leaderboard, where the world will be looking for the next big star.


GOAT was made to find the greatest artists in the world. The entire voting, competition, and scoring process is used find the most popular artists to feature on the Leaderboard.

Go to the in Discover screen to explore artists and songs ranked by their GOAT Scores™ only. A song needs a minimum of 100 battles per month, and artists, a minimum of 300 battles per month to be on the Leaderboard.

GOAT is the most advanced, talent rating system in history. When people come to check out GOAT talent, they know they’re checking out the best talent.


We created GOAT with one goal in mind—to build a platform that would create jobs for talented musicians. That is why, at the end of each month, GOAT will offer 10% of its total revenue for that month to the top 100 artists (in terms of GOAT Score rank) in exchange for the rights to host their music on our playlists.

When we reach 10 million customers, we will be able to provide, on average, over 10,000 artists with a monthly income equal to the average American salary of $3,769 per month. That is why we are proud to call GOAT “a revolution”. It will provide unprecedented opportunities for talented artists.


You need tokens to battle others and grow your GOAT Score™.  Each battle costs one token.
There are three ways to acquire tokens:

  1. Purchase tokens by tapping Buy Tokens in the Main Menu. Decide the best token bundle for you. Tokens bundles can be purchased based on how often you’d like to compete:

    • 50 battles – $4.99

    • 150 battles – $9.99

    • 500 battles – $19.99

    • 1250 battles – $39.99

    • 5000 battles – $99.99

  2. Earn tokens by voting on other match-ups

    • PRO TIP: Each vote you cast earns one token.

  3. Win tokens by wagering them in battles against other opponents.

    • Take tokens wagered by winning the challenge

    • In tournament play, the Top 50 GOAT Scores™ will split the winnings pool of tokens.

All tokens are kept in your Treasury and cannot be exchanged for  cash money or prizes. The gold icon at the top left of your screen shows how many tokens are left in your Treasury.


GOAT is more than a rating system. It’s a social network. Talented artists want to find people who love their work. People want to find talented artists whose work they love. We made GOAT its own world, where people could communicate, share, and discover greatness in the easiest and most expressive way possible.

Your profile is where the GOAT world learns about you. When you create your account, add a profile and cover photo just like all of the social networks you’re used to. You can personalize your profile and connect your social media presence to your GOAT account, so new fans and old can follow you easily.

Your profile can be personalized and will show your competitive performance and voting history.  You will be able to see stats including your win-loss record, tournament trophies, token winnings and how many votes you’ve cast.

  • Chat – Connect with others directly by sending them personal messages

  • Arsenal -Your personal playlist of original music that you can import from Dropbox or SoundCloud to be entered into Challenges and Tournaments, or streamed by users through your profile

  • History – Your competitive performance and voting history will be calculated and displayed

  • Bio – Let the world know more about who you are and what you believe in

  • Events – This feature lets you create a calendar of events to share with your friends, such as upcoming concerts or shows

While our main priority is music quality, it’s always important to build your profile, social media presence, and brand. Your GOAT Score™ can only be helped by polished branding and social media presence.

The World Is Yours.

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