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Mondable® On SoundCloud:
#IndieMusic Mix Vol. III


ft. The Quiet One, Honey Claws, Naeya, Stone Age Man, Texoh, Benjamin Hyatt Band, Hail Medik, The Hudson Branch, Patchwork Rattlebag, The John Whites, Lincoln Jesser, Nito Da Legend, Killer jam Last Ditch, and HOBO PIMP


Mondable® On SoundCloud: Indie Music Mix Vol. II

Vol. II

Mondable® On SoundCloud:
Indie Music Mix Vol. II

Volume II in a series of playlists featuring 15 Tracks from unsigned & independent artists including:

Res,The Dead Good, Garo Frawley, IntTheWld, Stellify Band, In The Wilderness, Andrew Bailie, Nychow Moore,
Doo Crowder Music, Frankie Soukal, Mikyla Cara Music, Brandon Modest Foster & Anthony VashTha Stampede Logan, Eye A.M., The Standstills, and Freeman.

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GOAT by Mondable®


GOAT was created by struggling artists and for struggling artists. It was created to give people a chance; a chance to actually be successful, to be recognized and rewarded for the years of hard work they put into their craft. GOAT is for the strivers, the dyed-in-the-wool believers. The dream chasers who refuse to “get the picture”. The road to success is long and full of doubt. But finally, there is hope for us.

GOAT is not just a mobile app that hosts tournaments. GOAT is an invention that will change the face of the earth. No longer will talentless people be placed upon the throne of greatness simply because they had a cousin who once dated a man that delivered mail to Madonna’s uncle. No longer will people of talent be denied the chance to prove their abilities to the world. GOAT is a machine. It has no cousin. It doesn’t care who you know or don’t know.

GOAT is only concerned with one thing, and one thing only…

Finding the Greatest Of All-Time.

For complete and up-to-date information, sign up:






Mondable® on SoundCloud:Indie Music Mix Vol. I

“Mondable® on SoundCloud: Indie Music Mix Vol. I”

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Indie Music Mix Vol. I (via Soundcloud)

Featuring: Black Cross, Daggerplay, Cherry K, SHINOBI NINJA, Andy SonarCandy Lord, Ellis MartinIdlewar, Gianna SalvatoMosart Records, 3 Bricks Shy, King BriceTropix//Underground, JackLucy and Nagano City Street Band.

Mondable® on SoundCloud: Indie Music Mix Vol. I

Screenshot (18)
1. Black Cross: “The Night
2. Nagano City Street Band: “Horreur Indicible
3. Daggerplay: “My Friends Are Mental And I Am Mental, Too
4. Shinobi Ninja: “What If Times
Screenshot (12)
5. Andy Sonar: “Ignition
6. Ellis Martin: “Maximilian
Screenshot (36)
7. King Brice: “Im Fuh Real
Screenshot (42)
8. Nazmuk: “Mk.ultra – Bubblespray
9. Gianna Salvato: “Baby It’s You
Screenshot (111)
10. JackLucy: “You Said
11. IDLEWAR: “Chunk Of Me
12. Candy Lord: “#1 Punk
13. Cherry K: “Make Bank
Screenshot (40)
14. Mosart Records: “Come Together
Screenshot (43)
15. 3 Bricks Shy: “Come On Home

‪#‎SaveTheMusic‬ with ‪‎Independent ‪‎Music‬



Andy Sonar

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Andy Sonar: A self-described “Musician, Producer, Writer, and DJ. Raconteur. Lover. Fighter. Manic Depressive. Addict. And Tragic hero. Hardworking & feckless chancer with delusions of grandeur…”

He’s a family man and an ‪#‎EDM‬ / ‪#‎Electronic‬ ‪#‎Rock‬ extraordinaire. He comes from either Bristol, United Kingdom or space. We not sure yet, but we like him either way.

Listen to his music on Bandcamp: http://andysonar.com/track/medicine-short-sharp-shock-mix & on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/andysonar

Visit the Official Page: www.AndySonar.com

69Sonar on Facebook.com/69Sonar

@69Sonar on ‪#‎Twitter‬ & ‪#‎Instagram‬

Find him on iTunes and Spotify

Shinobi Ninja


SHINOBI NINJA: An amazing mix of ‪‎Rock‬, HipHop‬, and ‪people‬. This indie‬ ‪‎music‬ group from Brooklyn, New York will have you smiling, dancing, singing, and either bopping your head or banging it. Either way, they’ll leave you happy you found them.

‘What If Times’ by Shinobi Ninja:


Check them out further at their website: http://www.shinobininja.com

Or on:
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/shinobininja

Bandcamp: https://shinobininja.bandcamp.com

Follow them on all major social media @ShinobiNinja

‪#‎SaveTheMusic‬ with SHINOBI NINJA and http://www.Mondable.com